Case Studies

When targeted testing is negative

Month 1

Patient with Stage IV NSCLC; tissue tested negative for EGFR, ALK and ROS1 alterations

Month 2

detected BRAF V600E

Month 2

Began treatment with dabrafenib and trametinib combination

Month 6

Patient achieved
complete radiographic response

When tissue is unavailable for sequencing

Month 1

Patient with Stage IV NSCLC; started on chemotherapy after tissue was insufficient for sequencing

Month 2

detected an EML4-ALK fusion

Month 2

Patient switched to crizotinib

Month 5

Patient achieved
radiographic response

When patient is progressing on an EGFR TKI

Months 1-10

Patient with Stage IV NSCLC with EGFR L858R alteration treated with erlotinib

Month 11

Upon progression, Guardant360
detected EGFR T790M

Month 12

Patient began treatment with osimertinib

Month 14

Follow up imaging demonstrated significant radiographic response

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