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Patients with metastatic lung cancer have multiple treatment options. Selecting the right treatment requires comprehensive genomic test results.

Move Beyond the Limitations of Tissue Specimens

Lung tissue samples often run out before answering all the clinical questions that guide treatment selection. After the initial diagnosis, additional stains, and immuno-oncology markers, you still need status for EGFR, ALK, ROS1, BRAF, and more.

With Guardant360, you can get comprehensive genomic results from a simple blood draw.

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When To Order

First-Line Therapy

When molecular testing is incomplete, unobtainable, or limited.

For instance when a patient is EGFR negative
 but lacks sufficient tissue for ALK or ROS1 testing.

Now covered by Medicare for these indications

At Progression

To avoid an invasive biopsy when looking for a new genomic target, or for patients whose tissue testing was incomplete at initial diagnosis.

73 Genes Including All NCCN-Listed Genes

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